Christian Formation

For us at FBCR, “spilling out” as a redemptive presence into our community and wider world requires living lives that are formed and informed by the history, sacred texts, traditions, practices, and ideas of the Christian faith. Formation and education for all people of all ages are therefore central to our church life and are woven into everything we do. Community gatherings for fellowship function as encouragement in our faith and opportunities for shared prayer. Worship offers a chance to tend to one’s spirit through sacred and historic rites and liturgy and engage one’s mind through informative and inspiring sermons. Serving together educates the mind on the beauty and frailty of the world and the systems it governs while also strengthening the heart with empathy and compassion for others.

While formation and education are woven into every aspect of FBCR, we also strive to provide opportunities expressly designed for these purposes. Here are a few of the programs and outlets our community find helpful in faith formation.


PLEASE NOTE: During the pandemic, certain programs and times may be adjusted as needed depending on the phase of our safety plan we are currently executing.


There are many opportunities for lifelong learning  at the First Baptist Church of Rochester. Through a variety of studies, topics, opportunities, challenges, and sources, individuals are inspired to expand, explore, and inform their life as Christians being engaged in the community around them.  It is our desire that everyone is full to overflowing with God’s love enabling them to share it in the world.

Through Christian education our goal is to provide the tools, training, study, and fellowship needed to empower each individual to become fulfilled and fully developed disciples of Christ.

Sunday Forum

Sunday Forum is held following worship and brings various speakers in from the community to share their spiritual, intellectual, or missional interest to participants. Sunday Fourm has bee suspended through the pandemic.

Wednesday Study

Wednesday study has been abbreviated to periodic series through the pandemic.  For a sense of our program visit our Wednesday Study Page.

FBCR Youth Bowling for Cameron Community Ministries



Our children participate in worship for the first half of the service then depart for Church School following Children’s Time. We break into age appropriate groups (Preschool through 1st grade and 2nd through 6th grade) where we have a lesson and craft or activity for about 40 -50 minutes.  We currently use the Dig-In Curriculum which is focused on the Heart of God.

Mr. Labman, our Director of Music leads us in signing and performing music various times of the year.

At FBCR, we believe that serving and caring for others begins early.  Periodically our children ages 1 through middle school will participate in an organized mission project.  The children have made get well cards to send to people in need, they have packed snack bags for other children entering into foster care, and they collect food for Souper Bowl of Caring each February.


Coming of age is as challenging now as it ever has been or more so, but it is a deeply formative period of life. FBCR strives to be a nurturing community of faith in which questions are encouraged, faith is developed, and life-long relationships are formed. We believe these goals are best accomplished among the congregation, not set apart from it. So while we plan plenty of age-specific opportunities for fellowship and formation (Bible Studies, lock-ins, adventure trips, etc) we also strive to be an intergenerational church involving teens in worship, congregational decision making, service, and all aspects of church life.


Our nursery is an active and loving place for your children to learn and grow in God’s love.  Through friendship, activity, lesson, and crafts, our youngest members 0 through 3 years, receive TLC from our nursery staff.

Childcare for children up to age 12 is offered during church services and events. During most intergenerational events, children are with their families.

Sunday Care: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Summer Sunday Care 9:45 AM to 11:30 AM
Wednesday Care: 6:00 PM to 8:45 PM by reservation
Meeting and group program care, for children under 12, is available with advance notice


Elinore Bassnett Memorial Library

A strong Christian Formation and Education program not only requires the dedication of people but it also needs materials that support the studies, classes and activities. Our library contains approximately 2,000 books, periodicals, CDs, and DVDs that we encourage everyone to borrow. There are materials that are purchased to be used for the adult studies curriculum and often there are books that enhance the study. We encourage adults to browse our collection of reference books, spiritual and secular nonfiction, biographies and memoirs, and a carefully selected collection of fiction and then choose a book or two to take home for a month. We are particularly pleased with our children’s section. Our church school teachers regularly use our library books for their classes and that corner of the library attracts the curious children every Sunday. Browsing the library isn’t possible during the pandemic, but if you’re looking for a particular resource or book, the church office can help you.

Special Events

FBCR periodically offers special opportunities for learning and growth. Past such initiatives have included presentations from community and organization leaders such as Amanda Tyler, Director of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty; experiential challenges such as the “What If?…” program that asked congregants to spend a month considering how they would change the world if given the opportunity; and collaborative events with other churches such as the Beating Guns Tour. Check the church calendar for future such offerings.