A Message From our Pandemic Task Force

With the news bringing both worrisome and hopeful messages about the course of the pandemic it is time for an update from your FBCR Pandemic Task Force. Thanks to the diligent work of our technology team, we have the ability to provide an excellent online worship experience and we would like to encourage all who are able to worship with us in that capacity to do so through the end of January. There is reason to believe that the extreme wave of Covid we’re currently enduring will peak somewhere near the end of the month. We hope you will think of worshiping from home via Zoom for these three weeks (January 16, 23, 30) as a gift to our community by limiting the potential for the virus to spread among us and from us.

This gift in worshiping from home will also help some among us. It has become clear to us during this pandemic that worshiping in person is of particular importance to people at various times and for various reasons. We want congregants who are experiencing those particular needs to feel welcome to join us in the sanctuary for worship. If you feel that your spiritual or emotional wellbeing simply need the opportunity to be physically present in worship, or if you don’t have device with Zoom, please do join us in the sanctuary. If you don’t sense that need, please reserve space in the sanctuary for those who do by worshiping from home.

Our families with children have a particular set of needs which require entirely separate ways of managing risk. So if that’s you, look for other communications as part of the conversation about the shape of Children’s ministries at the moment.

The Pandemic Task Force will continue to monitor transmission rates and communicate with the congregation as necessary.

Thank you for your willingness to support your church and your community in these ways.

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