A Note from Rev. Ken Williams

After Zoom worship yesterday (Sunday, May 3), Peg and I took a long walk. We walked from our town house up Whitney Road to Fairport Baptist Homes, around the Homes through Deland Acres, then back. 2.6 miles, my phone tracker reports!

11 weeks ago I needed a walker to get from our bedroom to the living room!

The first phase of my recovery from spinal fusion surgery is nearly complete. By the middle of this month I should be able to begin some physical therapy to address atrophied muscles in the upper body and extend my endurance. I still hit a fatigue wall at least once a day, concerning to me but the surgeon says it is not a worry.

The progress of my healing has come because of love. First Baptist Church has prayed me through! I am ever so grateful. Since we’ll likely be separated for the foreseeable future, I felt it important to communicate my thanks. You are a remarkable congregation of seriously spiritual, humorously honest, and constantly creative people. We “faith” each other into wholeness!

You have certainly done that for me.

Peg joins me in this greeting and celebration of the visitation of resurrection in my life.

Ken Williams

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