An Invitation from the Stuffies to Everyone @ FBCR

To recap:

The stuffies have invited everyone at First Baptist to join together in celebrating advent, which begins on Sunday, November 29, by putting together an Advent wreath or set of candles to light at the same time during Zoom worship. Here are some photos of samples and links to creative ways to put a wreath/candles together:

A wreath made by Anna Bowden for FBCR’s 2016 Christmas Art Gallery

A video demonstrating how to make a beautiful wreath without the use of tools.

A demonstration video for a slightly more involved wreath.

An image of a very simple wreath made from a block of wood with four holes bored in.

3 thoughts on “An Invitation from the Stuffies to Everyone @ FBCR

  1. You make me wish I still had little kids! They would have loved church with you. 🐶🙊🐰 thanks for the smiles today with this latest studies video.

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