An Online Congregational Meeting? How?

June 14, following worship.

Go to for details.

You may have heard by now that these extraordinary days combined with some extraordinary business at hand have led the FBCR Church Council to take the extraordinary step of scheduling FBCR’s first-ever online congregational meeting. While this is an exciting opportunity allowing us to move ahead with church life that will have a profound positive impact on our community now and when we return to gathering in person, it may also raise a few questions and concerns. I want to take a moment to anticipate some of those concerns and invite you to pose others.

The first and most obvious concern about having an online meeting is the ability for all members of FBCR to have a voice and vote in all matters before us. Those particular matters are spelled out in other notices, but let me detail here how the Church Council is planning to ensure full participation and inclusion. Here are some of the measures we are taking:

  • By using the Zoom platform participants will have 2 choices as to how to join.
    • By electronic device: instructions are available now for those who do not yet know how to use Zoom. Find them here.
    • By phone: dial in using the information and instructions found here.
    • We will be making great effort to identify those who may not typically use either method to work with them to include them in the meeting.
  • During the meeting we will make extra effort to ensure there are redundant checks to ensure no voice goes unheard or vote uncounted.
    • Participants will have the opportunity to “unmute” themselves during times of discussion and offer their voice. The Moderator will help keep the conversation organized.
    • “Co-hosts” of the meeting will scan the participants logged in by camera for a visual signal of problems on the part of participants and will call these to the attention of the Moderator.
    • A live technical assistance hotline will be available during the meeting. The attendant will first notify the moderator of any issues that arise then help resolve the issues so the meeting will not move on without that participant’s voice.
    • Votes of those present by video will be by hand signal and recorded for the record. Votes by phone will be taken by modified voice vote and recorded.
    • In the event anyone has trouble logging on or being heard or counted and is unable to make that known during the meeting, results will not be acted upon for 24 hours after the meeting. Would-be participants should report those issues and their results (inability to register yea/nay vote; unable to raise a particular point or question in discussion) by email to the office email or by phone at (585)244-2468.
  • In order to ensure that all decisions are reflective of the will and wisdom of the congregation items not reaching a clear consensus will be revisited at a later date under the discretion and guidance of the Church Council.

The Church Council believes that with diligence in notification and meeting procedures these measures will ensure a thoughtful process and yield an actionable recognition of the will of the congregation.

Should you have concerns not addressed herein, please direct them to me or to Moderator, Tasha Wilson, using the contact information in the church directory. If you do not have a directory, please request one by calling (585)244-2468.

See you all on June 14 (and a time or two before).

-Pastor Brent


The requisite notification by physical mail will go out shortly. However, as our staff are working from home this requires extra effort on their part. In order to support their wellbeing and streamline the process, please consider opting out of a physical notification of this meeting by going here and filling out a very simple form.

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