Brent’s First Marathon

Saturday, October 24 – 1:00pm – ~5:00pm

Erie Canal Trail between Fairport and Genesee Valley Park

For just shy of a year I’ve been training for the Niagara Falls International Marathon, my first marathon. It begins in the US, crosses the Rainbow Bridge and concludes in Canada – a really cool setting for a grueling challenge. Training is an experience full of highs and lows. Some days I feel great and running seems effortless. Other days I’m sore, tired, and cranky and getting through a run feels terrible. Nevertheless, by June of this year I began to feel confident that I could not only finish the race, but meet my goal of finishing in under four hours. Unfortunately that is the same month I learned that the race has had to be canceled due to the closure of the US-Canada border and concerns about COVID-19.

I was terribly disappointed that the race had been canceled, but my training had some amount of inertia at that point. The same day I learned of the cancellation I found myself out on a run wondering what I was training for. So I decided then that I would run my marathon anyway. I’ve selected a course along the Erie Canal Trail from Fairport into and around parts of Rochester and I plan to run it myself on Saturday, October 24.

In mentioning the plan to a few among my beloved FBC family, several have asked how they might support me in my quest. I’m deeply touched by those requests and since I’ll be running alone, I’ll take all the support I can get. Christopher Oaks has even put his own time and effort on the line by offering lots of coaching during my training, joining me for a grueling run at a particularly critical stage of training, and offering to run part of the marathon with me. I’m grateful to Christopher and to others who have offered your support. And yes, even if running along isn’t in the cards for you, you can still support. You can track me as I run and cheer me on from wherever you’ll be that day using a computer or other device, you can join me at the starting line as I warm up and set out, cheer me on along the route, or meet me and others for a masked and social distanced celebration at the finish line in Genesee Valley Park. Here are the details:

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