Campus Cleanup Thanks

The Trustees, Property Group, and Staff would like to thank several people for all the hard work that they have given to the church to help cleanup our campus. Special thanks go to individuals: Ken Hines, Flora Holt, John Hargarther, Dick and Judy Wien for their work at the church entrance – weeding and mulching. Next we really appreciate the work of the Kindred Hearts (Young Adults and Families group) who have concentrated their work in the courtyard removing leaves, weeds, vines, trimming trees and finding lots and lots of worms! (Just ask Seth or Leah). Thank you Todd, Chelsea, and George Haefele; Chris, Sarah, Seth, and Leah Oaks; Melissa, Justin, Sophia, and Ethan Spooner; Tasha, Mia, Andrew, and Aria Wilson, Janelle Huffsmith, Benjamin Smith, and Brent and Anna Bowden. Words can not fully express how delighted we are for all of your help to beautify our church campus. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

If by chance you helped and we didn’t see you — please let us know! We would like to thank you as well. If you haven’t had a chance to help yet but would like to – there are still many more flower beds to weed and leaves to clear out of the various nooks and crannies around the building..

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