Pittsford Food Cupboard Thanks

Covid-19 has required the clients at Pittsford Food Cupboard (PFC) to wait outside instead of entering the facility while food is gathered for them. In order to make things easier the PFC Board erected a roof over the outdoors deck where clients wait. To assist PFC, First Baptist – Rochester donated some of the leftover marine-grade vinyl which was purchased in a bulk roll at a significant savings over the per yard rate. This vinyl was used to build the section leader and piano COVID barriers as protection for our musicians in the sanctuary through a generous donation from the Susan Boulay Memorial Music Fund.

PFC used the leftover vinyl to enclose the roofed waiting space. PFC Board Member, Richard Wien was told that PFC is very grateful as the material held up well in the high winds of the last weekend and provides a much needed wind and rain/snow barrier. PFC thanks FBCR for our help as it will make the winter situation easier for clients who they do not anticipate having inside until at least next spring or summer.

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Skylar Dickason

Please be in prayer for Skylar who tested positive for COVID-19. Fortunately sbe does not have symptoms. Also add to those prayers some for the entire Dickason family because Skylar had just visited home this weekend for an early Thanksgiving which now places the entire family in quarantine for 14 days.

Where things stand

A Trustee Update:

The Board of Trustees feel that it would be good to let the congregation know where we stand financially through the Pandemic. Even though we are having significantly reduce giving, especially from our facility users, we have also had some reduced expenses. We having been running better than anticipated through much of the year but in October that gap reduced significantly. In October, giving was down and our expenses exceed income by almost $17,000. Although we approved a 2020 budget with a deficit of $22,000, we currently expect to have a larger deficit by year end.

There are several factors contributing to this expected deficit including user income is currently $17,000 under budget and we expect remain well below budgeted as only two self-help groups with very light numbers have returned to campus. Also, our pledge income is running on budget currently but is expected to fall short by year end which can be traced predominantly to no cash (plate passing) donations which range between $10,000 abd $20,000 each year with a significant amount of that received from October through December. Good news is expenses are running $16,500 under budget as well which has kept us from a much larger deficit. In October alone, pledge/loose offering ran $6,000 under our budgeted amount.

We are grateful to the many members of the congregation who have been able to keep up with their pledges during these unusual times and we thank you for your continued support now and into the coming year. Pledges for 2021 are now being accepted by mail, by phone, or online at www.rochesterfbc.org/together.

Habitat Pie Sales – Concluded

Annual Thanksgiving Pie Sale for Habitat in Three Easy Steps:

           1.) Contact Gene Tiesler at home or by November 15.  2.) Mail a check to church with “Pies” in the memo line. 3.) Pick up your pies at church on Tuesday, November 24 from 1:00 – 3:0

Choices and prices are the same as last year:

           Apple Crumb            @ $17;

           Apple Raspberry       @ $17;

           Pumpkin                    @ $17;

           Apple Crisp               @ $13;

           Donation to Habitat  @ ???

September Special Offering

Four times a year, American Baptist Church USA recommends participation in special offerings for various ministries. Each fall we contribute to the World Mission Offering through our International Ministries.

To view the message, first click on the Diaspora Times article then the World Missing Offering logo.

Pandemic Food Drive Results

Thank you everyone who participated in a fun, rare outing at FBCR at our Drive-in Pandemic Food Drive with Carillon Concert and BYO Lunch Tailgate Social (with distancing and masking). It was so good to be together, even if six feet or more apart. Are you interested in hearing more?

Well, it could not have gone better.

We are so pleased at the generosity of the congregation. There was $245 dollars donated to purchase food which we have split between St. Mark’s and St. John’s Episcopal, serving the Beechwood area, and the Center for Youth, serving displaced teens and young adults.

In addition, to the dollars received, people showed up to drop off food in our drive-in event. These donations were also generous with 363 items donated to St. Mark’s and St. John’s and 6 bags of items (valued at about $200) were donated to the Center for Youth. Thank you to the Missions Committee and Sarah Oaks for coordinating this effort. It was a great success! But that is not all…

In addition to the great response to help our neighbors, Sam Baker, our interim church organist, serenaded us to a wonderful Carillon (steeple chimes) Concert. Playing a variety of music, Sam entertained us while we enjoyed the pleasant afternoon chatting with friends with the beautiful sounds in the air. We were so happy to see all 50 of you who participated in one or many parts of the event. Thank you to the Worship/Music Committee for expanding the Food Drive event with the concert and tailgate event through suggestions from members of the congregation.

It was a great day!

Church World Service (CWS) – Blanket Sunday

It has been the tradition of the First Baptist Remington-Hubbell Circle to sponsor the CWS Blanket Sunday on Mothers Day each year.

Worldwide natural disasters have taken their toll and re-confirmed the need for these necessities especially in the most FRAGILE and NEEDY areas of the world. The need for tools and blankets is more dire than ever before. Did you know that just $10.00 buys one blanket for someone in need?  Any contribution above $10.00 will be used to provide additional blankets.

Since we can’t be together on Mothers Day this year,  we are encouraging you to send your contribution to First Baptist Church Rochester, 175 Allens Creek Road, Rochester, NY 14618. Every penny of your donation is sent directly to CWS to purchase a blanket for someone in need. You can also chose to make your contribution on FBCR’s website at www.rochesterfbc.org/contribute. Please add CWS to your memo line of your check or in the notes of your online contribution. Thank you for your support.