Communion Sunday, September 6

You are invited to join in communion via Zoom. Grab a loaf of bread and some juice or wine. If you don’t have those substitute whatever you do have.

Separation through space (or time for that matter) cannot tear apart what God has brought together, the church. Having celebrated Christ’s most foundational command, that we love one another, around ceremonial tables for centuries we have learned that physical togetherness is only a part of our communion.

We are well prepared for this moment so come to the table, to your table – your kitchen table or dining table or coffee table or end table or no physical table at all – come bringing whatever you have: bread or cracker or cake or muffin or a twinkie if it’s the only thing in reach. Bring your wine or water or the juice of any fruit, bring whatever you have and more importantly come as you are. Wherever you are now is the table of God’s love, whatever you have is your offering to God and God’s to you, whoever you are – you are invited to feast, we are all invited to feast together.

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