The Diaspora Times

Welcome to the Diaspora Times, a specially published communications piece to keep you, the FBCR community, informed during our pandemic related diaspora.

A diaspora is a group of people separated from the geographic place that binds them together, like the exile of the Israelites in the sixth century BCE. We are separated from our usual place of gathering, which means we are separated from each other and our typical routines. Communication is difficult when we don’t see each other as regularly and the matter is made all the worse by the rapid rate at which things seem to be changing. Thus far into this pandemic our best attempts to keep you informed on community happenings, prayer requests, technical information, etc has been to simply communicate often.

We know that burgeoning inboxes are a joy to no one, but we also want you to stay informed frequently. So here is our deal for you: we will cut back on the number of other communications we send (i.e. prayer list updates, individual announcements, technical information, etc) and instead roll much of that information into a single twice-weekly, highlights email and we will make the same information available here on this new page. Your end of the deal is to please, please take the time to keep yourself informed. There will occasionally be information communicated here that you will otherwise miss, such as updated login information for online worship, gathering announcements, prayer list update notifications, and more.

We may be separated, but we are still one family.

-Pastor Brent

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