Do Not Respond to Requests for Gift Cards

If you have received emails from an account that appears to be from Pastor Brent requesting gift cards, DO NOT respond. This is a scam and all value on those cards will be stolen.

If you have already purchased gift cards:

  • Call the issuer of the gift card NOW. Do Not wait. See if the funds can be frozen or refunded. Let them know the purchase was fraudulent.
  • If the funds are already lost or unable to be frozen, try calling your credit card company or bank to see if the charges can be reversed.

How to avoid scams of this type in the future:

  • As a volunteer organization, FBCR will occasionally ask for assistance, including financial assistance. If you received this kind of communication verify its authenticity before taking action. Speak to the sender via a form of communication other than the request (2 factor authentication). Give us a call in the office to verify.
  • When you receive emails, don’t rely on the name on the email. That information is publicly available. Look at the email address to see if it is known to you. If it isn’t, do not respond. If it is, still verify the authenticity of the message through another form of communication before responding.

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