End of July Update

The Trustees would like to thank the FBCR congregation for their conscientious and caring giving to FBCR so far in 2021. The congregation’s giving is currently running as expected for this time of year at just $1,000 ahead of the projected amount. The expenses are running approximately $16,000 under their expected amount, which has our actual amounts exceeding the projected deficit by $17K. Several monthly, quarterly, and annual givers have given their full amounts for the year so that figure is expected to diminish as our expenses begin to rise with the addition of more services and programs on campus.

Several facility users have contacted the church about their potential return in September. With the recent upturn of the area’s Delta Variant COVID cases, it is expected that it may deter or delay some. Any additional funding the church receives due to facility user’s returning will have a positive impact on our year-end totals. So for this and many other reason, let us pray that this increase is short-lived.

In summary, the virus’ impact in the area is still having an impact on our budget but your continued support, the return of some facility users, and continued creative-thinking of our leadership and any volunteer-based support of the facilities can assist us in closing the expected income verses expense year-end gap. Thank you for helping us envision that possibility and then making it a reality. Please look for another update from the Trustees following the close of the 3rd quarter.

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