Good Friday Tenebrae Service

Join us on Zoom on Friday, April 10 at 7:05 PM for an online Tenebrae Service (service of darkness) that commemorates the death of Jesus. The theme of our service will be lament and as we experience the gradual abandonment of Jesus by his disciples signified in the extinguishing of 12 candles we will hear from members of the congregation who will give music and voice to the laments we’re experiencing in the midst of this pandemic and generally within life.

This service is an intentionally dark and somber moment of worship that brings us into proximity with the death of Jesus. It also ends abruptly with no benediction or resolution. That’s because it is actually the beginning of a full weekend of worship that will lead us to Easter Sunday. It is possible though, that this emotional load will be particularly heavy this year in the midst of the pandemic and with our congregation experiencing recent and pending loss. For that reason I will meet again in Zoom a few minutes following the service for a time of debriefing, and processing anything you might wish to talk about. 

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