We Want to Recognize Graduates and Teachers

It is time to mark a very special occasion in the life of some very accomplished people. On June 28 in worship we will recognize graduates and those who’ve helped them along their way – teachers! It’s been a difficult year for education, so let’s make sure we do everything we can to congratulate and honor their achievements.

If you have a graduate from any form or level of education who is near and dear to you, help us celebrate, bless, and pray for them. If you want to honor a teacher, school administrator, support staff, trade educator, or educator of any kind, let us know. Please submit your information to Pastor Brent by Wednesday, June 24.

For graduates we would love to have:

  • Their name
  • Relationship to FBCR (i.e. member, child/grandchild of ____, friend of ____, etc.)
  • Graduate Level and Type
  • Any related honors or inductions (i.e. awards, honors, academic societies)
  • Degree/Major/Concentration/Etc
  • Institution Graduating From
  • Next Plans if any
  • High Resolution Photo (not required and only with their express permission to use in online worship)

For teachers we would love to have:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Discipline and/or level of teaching (i.e. High School Math, Undergrad Nursing, Elementary Astro-physics, etc)
  • This year’s teaching narrative in a sentence (i.e. “I had to switch to all online instruction mid-semester.”, “Their students struggled to cope with changes.”, etc.)
  • Photo (not required and only with their express permission to use in online worship)

Send all information to Pastor Brent’s email listed in the church directory.

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