Help Us Thank the Section Leaders

We’ve reached the end of the planned choir year for FBCR, but we didn’t really imagine it coming to an end this way. Ordinarily we would all have an opportunity to thank our Choir Section Leaders in person after their final worship service, but social distancing has not allowed us to do so. On Sunday we attempted to record those who wished to offer their gratitude, but that video became corrupted.

We’re making a second attempt and there are two ways for you to participate:

For those who know how to record and send a video file:

Simply record a short (10 seconds to 1 minute) video of yourself thanking Ella, Danielle, and Hugo. You might want to tell Ella and Danielle that we’re looking forward to having them back and wish Hugo well as he is now done with his training at Eastman and will not be back in the Fall. Send that video to me either by email if the file size allows or by uploading it at

For those who do not know how to record and send a video file:

Join with us on Wednesday evening for our FBCR Check In and I’ll record your message via Zoom. You won’t need to know how to record or send, I’ll take care of the details.

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