Congregational Meeting

June 14, 2020

Immediately following worship

The requisite notification by physical mail will go out on Monday, June 1,2020. In order to support wellbeing and streamline the process, please consider opting out of a physical notification of this meeting by going here and filling out a very simple form.

This page may be updated when needed as more details become available.

The Church Council has rescheduled the special congregational meeting from March to June 14, 2020, immediately following worship in our “online sanctuary” via Zoom.

Please plan ahead to attend and participate in this important meeting. Access will be via Zoom using the “Worship Online” links at Instructions for using Zoom are available on this same page, please review those well ahead of the meeting. If you have technical difficulties logging in, please let us know by phone at (585)244-2468 so we can ensure your participation. Results will not be acted upon for 24 hours following the vote to allow would-be participants to register difficulties in participating. Please register these to us via email (at ) or phone (585)244-2468.

First item for vote:


Re-affirm the annual congregational meeting vote in a separate call and vote for our new Trustees in accordance with New York State Religious Law.

Pat Hanley, 2nd term, 1st year

Juanita Ryan, 1st term, 1st year

Second item for vote:


Approval of the slate of Associate Pastor Search Committee Candidates recommended by the Church Council.

Slate of names being nominated:

Amanda Hefferon, Bob Oaks, Melissa Spooner, Rose Welch, Nan Wilson


Third item for vote:

Approval of designation of land sale proceeds to the Once and For All Fund.

A motion from the Trustees to allocate funds to the Once and For All Fund presented for consideration for a vote on June 14, 2020.

The Board of Trustees of First Baptist Church of Rochester established the Once and For All Fund at the annual congregation meeting on January 26, 2020 and designated as its purpose to subsidize the cost of operating the physical campus with the hope of fully funding such annual expenses by 2029. These funds are to be restricted to such expenses solely as further defined in the Once and For Policy. This fund, its investment, and disbursement are to be overseen by the Board of Trustees pursuant to the FBCR Investment Policy and the Once and For All Fund Policy.

Toward that end the Board of Trustees also move:

• That the Once and For All Fund Policy (provided and appended) be adopted as official church policy establishing rules and guidelines for fund oversight.

• That all undesignated bequest contributions of cash, stock, real property, or other source of value be liquidated in a commercially reasonable manner and deposited into the Once and For All Fund until the Principle Balance Cap is reached. Once this balance is reached disbursement of undesignated bequest funds will be at the discretion of the Trustees as further defined in Section 4 of the OAFA Fund Policy. (NOTE: This requirement shall not be applied to funds donated by third parties in memory of persons, only to funds given by bequest.)

• Campus Subsidy in the amount to be determined in accordance with the church main endowment fund policy establishing a Quarterly Rolling Average of the sum of each year’s ending balance divided the number of quarters since inception of the approval of the fund until a 20-quarter history has been established.

• That the General Operating Budget will be retitled “Mission & Ministry Budget”

• That a separate budget be established titled, “Campus Budget” which will include all expense items deemed part of the campus with the following removed from the Mission & Ministry Budget:

        1. Audio Visual Equipment,
        2. Building Maintenance and Repairs,
        3. Equipment,
        4. Grounds Maintenance,
        5. Janitorial Supplies,
        6. Property Insurance,
        7. Utilities-Electric,
        8. Utilities-Gas,
        9. Utilities -Telephone & Internet,
        10. Utilities – Trash;

and will have 2 income lines:

        1. An anticipated subsidy from the Mission and Ministry Budget and
        2. A draw on the Once and For All Fund according to principles outlined by the Once and For All Fund Policy.

• That the then current value of the proceeds of the property sale on deposit with the American Baptist Foundation (which was $253,736 as of 5/15/2020) be deposited into the Once and For All Fund as its first contribution.