Once And For All Fund

What Is the OAFA Fund?

The Once and For All (OAFA) Fund was established as an endowment fund intended to lift the substantial cost of operating FBCR’s physical campus which serves the church and the community from our annual operating budget. Contributions to the fund are welcome at any time and have a dual impact.

First, they have an immediate impact in their support of the upkeep and operation of our beautiful campus, ensuring that it will be a tool for ministry and our community well into the future.

Second, but perhaps even more important impact of your gifts to the Once and For All Fund, is they alleviate the cost of operating the building from the annual budget and separate it from what we can accomplish with our annual mission and ministry of the church. This leaves room for more ministry, more learning, and more serving our community.

As you contribute to this endowment and over the year’s as it grows, the church is able to take its usual annual draw which then offsets the cost of our campus’ annual upkeep.  Funds we would have normally used to cover the cost of operating our physical campus now may be used to serve our mission focus into the community and the specific ministies of our church.

What Options Do I Have to Give?

Goal: Support the fund  with cash, check, or stocks which will immediately increase the fund and its subsequent annual draw used to offset the physical campus costs to FBCR’s annual operating budget.

What To Give:  Cash, Checks, Stocks

How to Give:  Mail your check (OAFA in the memo line), give online at www.rochesterfbc.org/contribute or contact the church office to obtain stock giving instructions.

Benefits: Tax deductible gift.

Goal: Maintain control of your assets now while making provisions for the future.

What to Give: A determined amount or a percentage or residual value of your estate.

How to Give: Provide a letter of instruction to the church indicating your financial wish and remember to name the church and the OAFA fund as a beneficiary.

Benefits:  Estate Tax deduction, Lifetime use of the property.

Goal: Receive lifetime income based on very generous rates with a residuum value going to support the church’s ministry and mission.

What to Give:  Cash or Appreciated Securities

How to Give: A CGA can be created for 1 or 2 lives. Your age and gift amount, among other methods, can be used to determine your rate and income.

Benefits: Charitable Tax Deduction, Fixed lifetime income, Partial capital gains bypass, Possible tax-free payments.

Goal:  Provide income for you and/or your loved ones for life, or a determined number of years. The remaining principal and interest goes to support the OAFA Fund.

What to Give: Cash, Appreciated Securities, Real Estate/Personal Property

How to Give: Working with you and your legal/tax advisors to set up a CRT.

Benefits: Charitable Tax Deduction, Income for life or fixed term, Capital Gains tax avoidance on sale of appreciated assets, Possible tax-free payments.


Goal: Help ensure that your loved ones will receive steady income, even after your lifetime.

What to Give: Cash, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, Appreciated Securities, Real Estate/Personal Property.

Goal: Establish an endowment in the name of your family or loved one. The fund’s income will support ministry.

What to Give:  Cash, Appreciated Securities, Real Estate, Other Gift Agreements

How to Give: Work with the church to establish a purpose and name for your fund. Your endowment may be funded with a large one-time gift or numerous gifts over time.

Benefits: Charitable tax deduction,  Capital gains tax avoidance on the sale of appreciated assets, Possible tax-free payments.

Goal: A revocable trust can be structured like a CRT, but you retain complete control; however, there are NO tax benefits.

What to Give: Cash, Property

How to Give: The church will work with ABF, you and your legal/tax advisor to set up a Revocable Trust.

Benefit: Revocable, Amendable. Must have a charitable intent but no tax benefit.

Goal: Gift income from property to church now, then revert control of the property back to you or your loved ones later.

What to Give: Cash, Income producing property, appreciated securities.

How to Give: Working with the church, ABF, your financial advisors to set up a CLT.

Benefits: Capital Gains tax avoidance on sale of appreciated assets, Possible tax-free payments.

Goal: Make a gift of your primary residence now while retaining its use and enjoyment during your lifetime.

What to Give: Primary residence

How to Give: We can work with your legal/tax advisor to set up a life estate.

Benefits: Charitable tax deduction, lifetime use of the property.

Goal: Ensure the continuation of ministry and mission by making a substantial gift.

What to Give: Current or new life insurance policy.

How to Give: Assign the church as a policy owner listing us as a beneficiary.

Benefit: Possible charitable tax deduction for transferred policies and premiums, Meaningful gift to ministry.

First Baptist Church is working in partnership with the American Baptist Foundation who is managing our Once and For All Fund. To learn more or to find an option which will work best for you or your family, please contact the church office so we may put you in contact with one of our trustees, the pastor, or our contact within the AB Foundation.  You may email us at