Outdoor Worship and Inclement Weather

Posted June 24, 2021

As announced on Sunday, FBCR plans to continue to hold its lovely outdoor worship services in the courtyard. The Pandemic Task Force (with its focus on NYS guidelines and our safety) and the Worship Committee (with its focus on the worship experience), each hope to meet in July. With vacations or other travel plans of members and the time needed to gather, discuss, decide, plan, and implement logistical modifications, we anticipate no changes for a little while.

So, until further notice, we will continue to enjoy the outdoor courtyard for our Sunday worship, get to listen to the wonderful Carillon music through the steeple, and hear the birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees of God’s creation. At some time in the future, our weather plans may shift. Until then, please check the website or sign up for notifications for our plans on meeting in the courtyard or on Zoom each Sunday.

We do plan a full indoor worship experience on September 12th as we gather for Jubilee Sunday to kick-off the new program year.

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