Devonshire Street Practical Necessities

FBCR has been helping provide meals for 16 young men at the Center for Youth on Devonshire Street on the west side of Rochester.  We are proud to have been able to support them in some small way.  Now seven have graduated high school and some are going on to college. We have asked if there are things that the young men need as they work hard at their studies.  The list is amazingly short and practical; they need underwear, socks, and school supplies.  If you see any sales of mens’ underwear and socks in sizes medium and large and are able to purchase some OR if there are sales on pens, pencils, spiral-bound notepads and you feel moved to add some to your cart you may take your purchases to the church and we will deliver them.  We thank you for help in providing some of the practical necessities to these young people as they grow and learn and mature. You may place items in the bin located in the Garden Room.

Bob Morris and Pat Hanley





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