Racism as a Public Health Crisis

RGR/ABC is hosting a free webinar:

Let’s think through what it means to declare that racism in the United States is a public health crisis.

Several organizations and legislative bodies have issued statements declaring racism as a public health crisis, indicating the systemic and long-reaching effects of racism in U.S. society. Pastor Sebrone Johnson and Dr. Linda Clark Lewis, MD, are advocates and active in these issues in Rochester, New York. Learn more about this particular perspective on addressing racism and consider how it gives guidance for individual and congregational involvement and advocacy.

Click here to read the “Racism as a Public Health Crisis” statement released by the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group.

Click here to read the 2020 resolution passed by the City of Columbus City Council (OH).

Click here to read an article from Pew Trust (June 15, 2020), entitled “Racism is a Public Health Crisis, Say Cities and Counties.”    

Guest Presenters: Rev. Sebrone O’Neil Johnson and Dr. Linda Clark

Webinar to be held on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 7:00 PM EST on Zoom. For more information on the speakers and to register, click here.  

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