Section Leader Season Farewell

A thank you to our section leaders:

As Eastman School of Music concludes the semester, it is time to say farewell to our section leaders for now. I am grateful for their talent, their professional and caring attitudes, their flexibility and their commitment to the music program of FBCR.

Individually their voices are rich and powerful, and as a quartet their blend and musical expression are beautiful to hear. Our section leaders have been a pleasure to work with; they care about the quality of their music and the integrity of worship. Their flexibility is evident considering the various constraints caused by the pandemic. However, they also had to adjust to working with three different conductors throughout the year: Doleen Hood, Sam Baker and myself; and they went through all of this with positive and supportive attitudes.

Thank you, Lauren Case, Andrew Miller and Jack O’Leary for your excellent service. I look forward to welcoming you back next season. And thank you, Ella Torres for your years of excellent service. I will miss having the pleasure of working with you. On behalf of the FBC congregation, congratulations, Ella on your graduation from Eastman and best wishes to you for grad school and beyond!

With great appreciation,

David Labman

Graduation Highlight: Ella Torres, soprano

Ella Torres will graduate from the Eastman School of Music on May 13th, which means she will be concluding her time with us at FBCR. Ella began in 2018 as a frequent substitute section leader, and she became our permanent soprano section leader three years ago. During her time with us she has navigated constant pandemic related change to her life, education, and our way of doing worship. Through it all she has been flexible and professional and helped lead our congregation with poise and good humor.


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