Senior Pastor Search Process, Timeline, and Committee Nominations

Now that the congregation has had the chance to digest Brent and Anna’s news, it is time for our Church Council and congregation to be thinking about our search for our next Senior Pastor. The Moderator (Chelsea Haefele) and Vice Moderator (Dave Hood) have already engaged the Executive Minister of the Region (Sandy Hasenauer) to discuss the search process, timelines, and support. Sandy’s guidance is that there is no prescribed timeline to abide by. Rather the timeline and process are determined by situation and circumstances. 

During its first meeting of the year, the Council spent some time reflecting on the current situation of our church and its members. The term “pause” was a common theme. There is a sense that the pandemic has put a pause on so many things in life, including various church related endeavors. There is also some concern around the potential for a lengthy interim gap between Pastor Brent’s departure and the installation of our next church leader. A significant interim period may extend the feeling of pause and suspense. The consensus of the Council is that in our current situation, minimizing the interim period may be in the best interest of the church, the congregation, and the staff. As such, the Council is looking to commence the search process sooner than later. Commencing this process before Pastor Brent formally departs may be somewhat unusual. However, we are fortunate to have Brent’s support. The Council certainly welcomes any feedback on the process and timeline. Please feel free to connect with Chelsea, Dave, or any member of the Council. 

As discussed at the end of the service on February 27, the Council is formally commencing the process for appointing a search committee. You can nominate yourself or another church member. Anyone nominated will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. The Council hopes to appoint a search committee that includes a broad representation of our congregation. Individuals will need to commit some significant time to committee work at different times. To make a nomination, you can email Dave Hood, Vice Moderator, at or place a written nomination in the Moderator’s mailbox in the church office. Nominations will be accepted through March 13, 2022. The Council looks forward to your feedback and hopefully to a healthy number of nominees to choose from.    

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