Uh oh! The stuffies are out and they’re looking for something fun to do. I’ll be on the hunt to find them and I’ll let you know what they’re up to as I do. You might want to check back here every now and again to see who I’ve found where and what they’re doing.

-Pastor Brent

I found Puah and Rex!!

Well, they really are looking to have a good time. I found Puah and Rex working together to make the party all it should be. It looks as if Rex hoisted Puah up into the refrigerator in the small kitchen. Puah then tossed some delicious looking candy that’s been stored there down to Rex who is gathering it up to take to all the other stuffies. When I found them they had both stopped for a candy break themselves. I confess, I may have joined them.

Ok, Rex and Puah are fine. Better than fine actually.

Now, where are the rest of these stuffies and what are they doing!?

-Pastor Brent

Now I found Armando and Santa Bear!!

Every party needs good music, right!?

Well, I found Santa Bear and Armando practicing up to entertain the rest of the crew. Stuffies suffer from a proportionality problem though. They can’t reach the keys and the pedals of the organ at the same time. Nothing can stop those who are willing to work together, though! These two were playing a duet, Armando on the keys and Santa Bear on the pedals.

They told me everybody would be in worship tomorrow, so we’ll have to ask them about their adventures.

-Pastor Brent

They're at it again this week! I found Big Gorilla and Sloth.

These two really like taking it easy! It’s a good thing for them that the church has its very own hot tub. Well, its actually the baptistry, but it works just as well for relaxing and taking a dip as it does for worship. Big Gorilla and Sloth were having a nice soak when I found them. They say to tell everyone, “Hello.”

-Pastor Brent

Things have taken a turn for the....better! I found Sheriff Callie and Leah Bear.

Wow! Could these stuffies get any more wonderful?

I found Leah Bear and Sheriff Callie in the Brighton Food Depot getting some things ready to be given to folks who are short on food. I asked them why they weren’t out having fun like the rest of the stuffies. They just giggled and said, “What could be more fun than being with friends and helping people out at the same time!?”

These stuffies are just the best! They all said they’ll see you Sunday.

-Pastor Brent

I found Lucy, Boyd, and Wild Animal!

These rainy days we’ve been having have made me want to grab a good book and hunker down for a good story. As it turns out that’s exactly what Lucy, Boyd, and Wild Animal wanted too. I walked into the church library today and found Boyd reading to the group from a book called, “Dog Tails.” What a great group!