FBCR Summer Nights Update

Let’s be honest. The two years of pandemic life have made being together difficult and left us all weary. From the youngest of us to the most mature, we all feel the need to gather as community in ways that don’t ask us to invest more effort or energy. So join us for FBCR Summer Nights! We’ll gather a few times this summer, just for the joy of being together and we’ll do so in a way that requires little or nothing in they way of preparation or planning. Just gather the family and meet in the courtyard (or Hubbell Hall in the event of inclement weather) at FBCR. We’ll enjoy a variety of fun-for-all-ages activities from playing games together to telling each other stories and perhaps even enjoying a bit of music.

The first of our gatherings will be:

Summer Nights I:

4 to 6PM on Sunday evening, June 12
Porching, Games, and Ice Cream.

For this evening of fun we’ll borrow from a grand tradition of our southern neighbors – porching. In the days before air conditioning, the hot southern temperatures required spending the afternoons outside on the porch where families would catch up and neighbors would swing by for a good chat and sharing of stories. We’ll spend the evening telling each other stories that will make us laugh, cry, and mostly just enjoy our time together. We’ll have ice cream on hand to keep us cool and we’ll play some games for and with the kids among us. Bringing your own lawn chair is encouraged.

Our second gathering:

FBCR Summer Nights II: (afternoon!)

June 26, immediately following worship
Courtyard games and Brown Bag Lunch

We had such a nice time gathering together last week that we are doing it again on June 26 immediately following worship. Plan to bring a bite to eat for yourself and come join us for yard games and fun conversation. There will be no agenda other than to have valuable fellowship and time together. We’re looking for yard games, so if you have any then please let me (Benjamin) or Brent know what you plan on bringing. You may bring games like corn hole, bocce ball, frisbees, horse shoes, KanJam, racquetball paddles, etc. You may also bring tabletop games to be played outside like scrabble, bananagrams, etc. We hope to see you there! We’ll plan to hang out until folks are ready to go home.

For our third in the series we are off to the ballpark:

FBCR Summer Nights III:

Redwings Pride Night Out
w/ Rochester Religious Communities, July 13.

The Rochester Redwings celebrate pride each year with Pride Night Out. Several religious communities in Rochester are getting together to attend the game on July 13! To join the FBCR contingent, reserve your tickets ($11 each, parking fees will apply individually at the park) using the form below. Payment may be made to Brent, Benjamin, or the church office that evening or before by check or cash. In order to assure that we have seats in our block, reserve your seats now! www.rochesterfbc.org/redwings-pride.

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