University of Rochester – Ways to Help/Buffalo

Below is information that the University of Rochester compiled and verified as ways for folks that want to find ways to help with what happened in Buffalo. 

To help directly:

Victims Fund for Tops Buffalo NY Shooting: Funds will go to helping with victims’ funeral expenses and helping those who need trauma consoling.

To help provide food:

  • Resource Council of WNY
    • The Tops Market is temporarily closed while the investigation into the mass shooting continues. A food giveaway program will continue each day from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, located at the Resource Council of WNY, 347 East Ferry Street, just two blocks away from the Tops Market.
    • During the daily food giveaway, mental health counseling will also be available to assist community members and their families who have been affected.
    • Donate to the Resource Council.
  • Verified GoFundMe Donation Sites:

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