What If ?… Update

In the spring we get to see what has been unseen but percolating under the snow all winter.  The same is true of our missional life.  Two First Baptist “What If” projects are still at work in Rochester but were not visible due to Covid restrictions.

The Diaper Ministry at Cameron Community Ministries continues to serve families in downtown Rochester through the generosity of the Missions budget and individual donations, despite the fact that the “What If…” group could not meet to pack individual bags.  Instead, the diapers are being shipped directly to Cameron until such time as we can meet face-to-face.

The Center for Youth continues to serve the homeless teen population of Rochester and we are linked in two ways.  Currently, 3 members of First Baptist cook and deliver homemade dinners once a month to about a dozen young men at the CFY Transitional Living apartment off Chili Avenue.  Due to Covid restrictions, we cannot interact with these young men yet.  Food is delivered to the front door into the arms of masked staff who tell us how much this kindness is appreciated.  The cost of these meals involves about $60 dollars (personal expense), shopping, cooking, and delivering.

The Center for Youth would love to expand these meals to another one of their shelters that houses only 4-6 young men on Field Street.  Any takers?  If you would like to be a part of this ministry, call Rose Welch at 402-0048.

First Baptist also stocks a free food pantry at the Center’s Monroe Avenue address for homeless teens.  Once a month a volunteer calls the Director at the Center to see which non-perishable items need to be replaced.  They shop and deliver the items and are reimbursed through the Missions budget.  This is an easy job to complete.  Volunteers?  Call 402-0048.

Rose Welch

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