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Welcome Home!

And welcome to our new and hastily built online worship center. This will be the primary worship space of First Baptist Church of Rochester until the threat introduced to our community by the COVID-19 Pandemic is cleared. We are working to make this virtual space accessible and user-friendly for all people, but we will not likely get it right immediately. Please bear with us as we learn.

Our worship platform will be the popular video conferencing platform, Zoom. When you log in below you will enter the digital worship space. You will see and hear and others will be able to see and hear (optionally) you. If you are accustomed to online applications and/or video conferencing use one of the “Join Worship Online Now” buttons to go straight in to worship. If you are a novice with these kinds of systems consider watching the short primer video below to show how to set the system up. If all else fails and technology simply isn’t your friend, consider dialing in with your phone using the number and access code below.

A digital version of the bulletin is available below as well to keep you informed of upcoming events at FBC (though subject to change due to COVID-19 response) and allow you to follow along in worship.

Virtual Worship Space Tour

If you are having trouble logging in at the time of a gathering or worship, please feel free to call (585)244-2468 and a volunteer will assist you to the best of their ability.

I’ve used Zoom or similar before, just take me straight to Worship.

If you have used Zoom or similar platform before and feel comfortable logging in straight away, click below.

Worship goes live at 9:45 AM
and the service begins at 10:00 AM.

I could use some quick instructions before using Zoom.

If you would like to see how logging in to Zoom works, watch this short video before trying it on your own.

I don’t want to bother with Zoom, but I know how to use a phone.

If all else fails you can use your phone to simply call in. You won’t be able to see all our beautiful faces, but you’ll be able to hear and participate by voice.




When Prompted Enter the Code:

270 630 9793

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