Recent Zoom issues (do you need an update?)

On Sunday there were issues with Zoom worldwide and our worship portal was affected along with many others in many locations. We apologize to anyone who tried to get into worship but couldn’t as we attempted to work around the issue. Suggestions for you if you had any problems.

  1. Download the Zoom update. (Make sure you have the latest update or you will be forced to download before May 30). When you open Zoom, if you have not updated yet, it will ask you to do so. You should follow their prompted instructions.
  2. Once this update is complete, restart your computer.
  3. Sign-in again to the worship-online through There are several links to do so on the Home Page and through the Navigation Bar.

If you can not get into the online worship (or Wednesday check-in):

  1. You should try to refresh the website on your browser by pressing the circle with the arrow. This will update any links which may have been changed.
  2. Wait 5 to 10 minutes and try the worship-online portal again. You may wish to refresh once more.
  3. You might also wish to try to get into worship a little early, so if there are any problems you can resolve them before worship begins. You can always mute your microphone and turn off your video until you are ready to actively participate in worship.

We will post issues and updates on the worship-online page of our website so you are aware if we experience problems in the future.

For technical assistance, call the church office at 585-244-2468. on Sunday or Wednesday to get assistance. Someone is generally available to take your call. If we do not answer, leave a message. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, when major occurrences happen, the call back may be delayed.

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