Daily Dose

June 15, 2024

Beginning soon |

Following a recent worship service several individuals met during the Second Hour to discuss the sermon together.  We had a lively discussion about what it meant to be a community of faith and how we might connect better with God and with each other outside of Sunday mornings.  Several people shared ways they connect with family or friends using a variety of methods.   We talked about email, text, Facebook, groups, and more.  Our challenge is that so many communicate in different ways. One way all present felt would be a good way to connect together was through prayer adding in scripture and thoughts on a posed question.

Staff thought, researched, and discussed how we might execute this type of connection, keeping it simple, easy to use, across either email or text and able to be executed daily without requiring staff daily work.  There was some trial, error, and testing executed.  We believe we have finally settled on how to accomplish this new way to stay connected.  We will collect interested individuals’ email and/or text information with initial implementation to begin this summer.

This is an “opt-in” experience.  We won’t add people to this group unless they let us know this is what they wish to be part of it,  We expect that on some days there will be an outpouring of thoughts or prayers.  Other days there may be little or none. Some days one may be able to engage fully, other days you may only be able to read and reflect on what is sent.  Either will be fine.

When you do respond, we ask that people refrain from  “Like”, “Love”, “Care” or other emoji-style responses – we only want your brief words of prayers and thoughts. If you are interested in joining this connect experience, please complete the following sign-in.