Welcome to our New Website

September 8, 2023

Monday, September 11 | 

Welcome to our new website! We are excited to launch this new site with the wonderful help of Grim Digital Media of Rochester, New York. They have been working to build this new user-friendly, pictures-loaded,  and easily readable site to our unique specfications.  We send a special shout out to Gene and Matt for all of their creativity, insight, and expertise. Now through the next several weeks we will also launch an updated and vital social media campaign which will help us better engage in the greater Rochester community. 

We want you to know in the best of all digital worlds, the transfer to the new site will be a quick and seamless transition. It also may take a day or so to fully populate over.  Please be patient through this process. If you are having any challenges or difficulties, please reach out to the church office and we will do our best to walk you through this transition.  Thank you for your prayers and support on Monday and beyond.