Jubilee Sunday – 9/12

FBCR has a custom of trumpeting (sometimes literally) in the new program year with great festivities and joyous worship. That Sunday is upon us once more, but we remain in the grip of a relentless pandemic. The current spike in transmission continues to cast a shadow of tentativeness over the Fall Semester and the necessary precautions we continue to utilize dampen the otherwise full-throated joy we might express. Even so, a new program year is beginning within the church and a new academic year is beginning for our families and our community. So there is celebration to be had even still.

Join us in worship on Sunday, September 12 (10 AM) to prayerfully mark the coming of this new year of activity. That morning we will offer a blessing for all educators and learners; make mention of some of the plans for Faith Formation for children, youth, families, and adults this Fall; and otherwise ask for God’s blessing on the days ahead.

We will save our fullest expressions of joy and celebration for the day we can be rid of the pandemic and the struggles it has placed upon us, but we will nonetheless give thanks to God for opportunities immediately before us.

Join us in person or on Zoom!

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