Prison System Insights with the Gants

March 30, 2024

 |In April |  Worship and Study

April 3, 10, 17 & 24 | In-person and zoom |

Exploring the Justice Topic of our Prison System:

  • How did we get here: Background on the modern US prison system.
  • What punishment has to do with it and how accountability is the path to healing.
  • What is more criminal? A look at Attica.
  • The costs of prisons: The Prison Industrial Complex.

About the Presenters:  Thomas Gant is an accomplished writer, speaker, and faciltator.  He is a returning citizen after serving 25 year of incarceration.  Kerry is a teacher, Restorative Justice speacilist, and advocate.  Thomas and his wife Kerry publish the blog titled  “For Life in Love” and have co-founded the “Breaking Down Barriers Project” that seeks to educate community members of the ties between racism and the carceral system in our country.  Thomas has been featured in may articles and publications including the Marshall Project about his work as a prison hospice aide during the COVID pandemic.  They have both worked to destigmatize individuals and families that are impacted by incarcerations and our criminal legal system.

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