Royaltieis for Spirituals

October 18, 2023

Contributing to the William Warfield Scholarship Fund  |

Whenever we sing a Spiritual in worship, a special offering to cover the royalties which were never collected on numerous Spirituals from African American composers and writers over the years. This 100% pass-through offering is then forwarded to the William Warfield Scholarship Fund at Eastman School of Music.

From their website: “The William Warfield Scholarship Fund, founded in 1977, is dedicated to providing financial support and encouragement to African American students at high school and pre-collegiate levels seeking to attain success in the field of classical vocal music; and, fostering wider recognition of the life and legacy of the legendary American bass-baritone, educator, mentor and author, William Warfield.”

Conservatory training is the decisive factor for a successful career in music performance. It is an advantage that Mr. Warfield himself enjoyed when a scholarship allowed him access to train at the esteemed Eastman School of Music.  The mission of the William Warfield Scholarship fund is to extend the advantage of formal training to the next generation of African American classical vocal performance students at high school and collegiate levels, with financial support and performance opportunities. The fund has helped foster the growth of 21 incredibly talented and dedicated students to date.

To ensure your gift is placed into the correct offering, please place RFS in the memo line of your check.